DiTi TwAy FaNTaSy wORLd

DiTi  TwAy  FaNTaSy  wORLd

Peypin- sur -Save - Resume


                  The life in a charming small village

                              on the road of iTER*


                     DiTi TWAY young urban poet and French-speaking performer with the verve of "evening raconteur" to tells us about the story of a small village of Provence, "Peypin-sur-Save".

                     On a terrace under the sunshine in a delight region of France takes place a cynical fable because it's a description of a post-apocalyptic future in a universe which reminds the literary movement of Stream Punk, but at the same time it shows such simple, charming things, jokes around glasses of anise drinks remind us of the films of Marcel Pagnol, with the poetic emotion and humorous situations.

                     This succession of dialogues between these men to "the broken heart" which are very enjoyable and easy to read make this Quick and fantastic Book. The expressions and writer's touches between two other ideas are slipped in the exchanges as a real and natural conversation and so have an earthy impact and build this wild and energetic novel so particular close to the theatrical and  spoken-word writing ! 



* iTER it's a International Thermonuclear Experimental Fusion Reactor in Cadarache - Provence, south of France.


>>> in French


                         DiTi -TWAY










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