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DiTi  TwAy  FaNTaSy  wORLd

Le Chevalier au Chariot Céleste - Resume -

      Le Chevalier au Chariot Céleste
                    Novel in Verses



                         A poetic tale which tells us about the fight of a hero who after a road accident was precipitated, for his twenty years into a deep coma. Not completely dead, nor completely alive, fixed to its hospital bed, connected to its machines he describes then by alternating personal memories and visions his strange world.


                         Gothic universe, Celtic stories, metamorphoses, epic romance, child prodigies in futuristic cities populated with mutants, DiTi TWAY gives us a large contemporary poem which takes us in an immovable and maginificent journey.


                          In the continuity of a French poet and trouvère Chrétien de Troyes who wrote between 1176 and 1181 "Le Chevalier à la Charrette" in the late of 12th century, "Le Chevalier au Chariot Céleste" written by DiTi TWAY from August to October 2009, in loving memory to the poet and singer Michael Jackson, with more than 6000 free verses in two volumes, it's a real performance and an amazing rhyming novel which, at the beginning of the third millennium, reinvents the genre of the poetic narrative romance and a spoken story telling.  




 Roman Rimé














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